Severe environmental conditions, pressure spikes, and high vibration–they can stop sensitive instrumentation dead in its tracks. If that happens, you lose your lifeline to monitoring critical hydraulic, engine, load weighing and brake system pressures. Whether moving material, carrying massive loads or pushing a vehicle to the limit, you need rugged and reliable pressure gauges. Your reputation, and your customers' satisfaction, depend on it.

At Ashcroft, we understand extreme demands and stringent industry requirements. Our transducer's high-performance technology and robust case designs satisfy severe environments where reliability and ruggedness are critical. Featuring quick responsiveness, they enable precise data collection to improve operating efficiencies. Highly-reliable switches prove ideal for control and compact designs facilitate system integration.

To meet your specific requirements, we offer complete product flexibility with our Custom Engineered Solutions (CES). We provide tailored mechanical and electrical designs along with testing capabilities to solve your most challenging applications. When you need instrumentation that can go the distance. We'll put our industry experience, extensive engineering capabilities and get-it-done attitude to get you there. Call us at +49 (0) 2401 808 0 to learn more.

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Bu sizin adınız ve itibarınız - ve ekipmanınızın genel kalitesinin tüm parçaların bir toplamı olduğunu anlıyoruz. CES programımızın nasıl yardımcı olabileceğini öğrenin.